e-Discovery can help clients and their lawyers discover important information, but it can also be time-consuming and expensive. Bell, Davis, and Pitt has a team of attorneys and legal assistants who help our litigation clients utilize e-discovery software and analytics tools to assimilate large volumes of data with efficiency, discover and isolate important facts, and comply with their obligations under the applicable rules of civil procedure.

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Our litigation clients include large corporations, small businesses, and individuals.  We help each client develop a case-specific and client-specific e-Discovery protocol to identify, preserve, collect, review, and produce ESI from a variety of sources. 

We work with e-discovery vendors and our clients to:

  • Develop a comprehensive ESI Protocol;
  • Facilitate compliance with preservation obligations;
  • Identify custodians of relevant information;
  • Identify locations where relevant information is stored (e.g., file servers, email servers, document management systems, etc.);
  • Develop effective and efficient collection methodologies for each data source (e.g., remote collection, in-person collection by an outside e-discovery vendor);
  • Create an early data assessment (EDA) or early case assessment (ECA) plan to analyze and categorize the client’s data and cull non-responsive data prior to review;
  • Document all phases of the e-Discovery process.