Whether it’s online media, music, a written work, or a visual piece, the attorneys of Bell, Davis & Pitt can help you protect your original works of creativity and authorship, as well as help prevent inadvertent infringement of copyrighted works

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Copyright Law

We help clients establish, navigate, and maintain copyright protection and offer skilled advice on copyright issues from both the copyright owner’s standpoint and the defensive perspective.  Our copyright law practice is closely integrated with our trademark, corporate governance, and litigation services, providing a cohesive approach that vigorously protects your rights and advances your goals.  

Our practice group features a special focus on internet marketing and content creation, including web-based sales platforms and cutting-edge online media such as podcasting, music production, and livestreaming.  These industries are changing the way business is conducted in real time and, while the law is struggling to adapt, we are staying in the forefront of these emerging issues.