Insurance Coverage Disputes

Our practice is committed to helping our clients preserve and maximize their insurance coverage. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you protect your rights and resolve any insurance coverage disputes.

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Insurance Attorneys

Our insurance attorneys understand that insurance is a valuable resource for both corporate and individual policyholders. We seek to maximize insurance recoveries for policyholders, and we have experience litigating coverage claims on behalf of policyholders in both federal and state courts. 

We also counsel policyholders regarding all aspects of their coverage, notice of claims and/or occurrences, and coordination and cooperation with insurers.  

Our team includes insurance attorneys with experience involving:

  • General liability policies, including ISO form policies and Bermuda form policies

  • First-party property policies

  • Directors and officers (D&O) policies

  • Homeowners policies

  • Title insurance policies

  • Life insurance policies


Bell, Davis & Pitt helped our company in a very complicated and delicate insurance coverage dispute, involving one of our best customers and a considerable amount of money, in a very professional, patient, and tactful way, successfully guiding a long and tough negotiation to a win-win outcome.

Stefano Cazzaniga, Chief Executive Officer, LC America, Inc.