Revaluation Notices Delayed in Forsyth County

Forsyth County Property Tax

Forsyth County is one of the North Carolina counties that has scheduled a revaluation for 2017. Notices of valuation were thought to be forthcoming to all property owmers around the middle of February.

As announced in this Winston-Salem Journal article on January 26, 2017, valuation notices will instead be forthcoming at the end of March due to a computer glitch.

The article also notes the tax assessor's opinion that "[t]he market as a whole hasn’t moved that much since the last reappraisal (in 2013), and values here won’t move that much either." 

However, even where the market as a whole has not moved much, individual property values can move up or down considerably from one revaluation to another.

All property owners are well advised to be on the look-out for their revaluation notices, to review them carefully when received and to seek the advice of a qualified property tax professional if there are any questions or concerns about the revaluation.

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