Proposed Legislation to Expand the Disabled Veteran and Surviving Spouse Property Tax Homestead Exclusion

On January 25, 2017, a House Bill was filed that would expand the existing homestead property tax exclusion for disabled veterans and surviving spouses.  

The current exclusion, 105-277.1C, excludes from taxation the first $45,000 of the value of a permanent residence owned and occupied by certain disabled veterans meeting certain conditions or the surviving spouse of such a person who has not remarried.

The proposed legislation, would eliminate the $45,000 ceiling, excluding 100% of the value of a qualifying property.  Additionally, it would create a new 105-277.1E, which would exclude from taxation a permanent residence owned and occupied by the surviving spouse who has not remarried of an emergency personnel officer killed in the line of duty.  Emergency personal officers include firefighters, search and rescue, emergency medical services personel, and law enforcement personnel. 



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