Forsyth County Commercial Property Tax Valuation Notices Are Coming Out

While notices of Forsyth County property values are typically sent out in February or early March, Forsyth County's revaluation notices were not mailed until early April due to a computer glitch. When the notices came out, many commercial property notices stated: "Value Pending."

The normal due date for filing an appeal in Forsyth County is June 30. This year, the approach of June 30 presented a dilemma for property owners who had not received a valuation notice. Were you required to file an appeal by the normal June 30 deadline even if you haven't been notified of the proposed assessed value of the property? Our answer to this question was "Yes, file an appeal just to be safe." However, the tax office said that everyone would have a reasonable period of time after being mailed their valuation notice to file an appeal, even if the appeal filing was after June 30.

Based on calls from clients, it appears that the county is working through issuing the remaining valuation notices. It also appears that the county's " reasonable" timeframe to file an appeal is two weeks from the date on the valuation notice. The property owner has the right to appeal the proposed value if he thinks that it overstates the fair market value of the property. 

If you haven't yet received your commercial property valuation notice, we suggest being vigilant in looking out for your notice or, better yet, call the Forsyth County tax office periodically to determine if the notice has been sent and get a copy. A late filing of an appeal will almost certainly mean that your case will be dismissed, and you will lose the right to contest the property's value for property tax purposes for the 2017 year.