May 20, 2019 Deadline for Property Tax Appeals in Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County property tax appeals deadline is May 20

The 2019 Mecklenburg County property tax revaluation resulted in significant increases in assessed values for most commercial properties in the county. It's been reported that Mecklenburg County commercial properties have gone up 77% on average in Mecklenburg County. 

In North Carolina, the deadline to appeal valuations in a valuation year is the date on which the county's Board of Equalization adjourns — once the deadline passes, it's too late to file an appeal and the potential tax savings for that particular year is lost. Mecklenburg County's Board of Equalization and Review has set its adjournment date for May 20, 2019.  If you think your new assessed value is excessive, or if you haven't quite had time to do the work necessary to make that decision, you need to file an appeal by that date to preserve your right (and your potential tax savings) to pursue your appeal in 2019.

If you file an appeal, you can always withdraw your appeal. However, if you miss the May 20th deadline, you'll need to wait until next year to file an appeal.

Some companies and taxpayers may be tempted to find out what the Mecklenburg County tax rate will be, which would determine the amount of tax owed. The tax rate will be set at some point during the month of June. Waiting to determine the tax value is not advised because the tax value has implications for future years as well, and you're potentially missing out on a year of tax savings.

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