Davie County 2017 Revaluation Yields Relatively Flat Property Tax Assessments

With 2017 being a revaluation year for Davie County, property owners are beginning to receive revaluation notices.  

On average, assessed values across the county decreased by less than a half-percent.  Some areas, like Mocksville and Bermuda Run, will see an overall uptick but only a slight one, according to Davie County tax administrator Brian Myers.  That, of course, does not mean that all individual property assessed values will be relatively flat, and some individual property owners may still see more substantial increases or decreases in their assessed values.

If you own commercial property in Davie County and you believe your revaluation notice reflects a value that substantially exceeds your properties true value, consider pursuing an appeal. You can read our previous posts about the appeal process, which begins with a request for informal review, moves to a formal appeal to the local Board of Equalization and Review, and then goes to Raleigh at the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.  See this article to determine if it might be worth it to pursue an appeal, and this one to think about whether you should get an attorney involved to assist.