2020 is a Revaluation Year for 11 North Carolina Counties

NC property tax revaluation 2020

2020 is a property tax revaluation year in 11 North Carolina counties. For property tax purposes, each county in North Carolina is required to revalue all real property within its borders at least once every eight years. Revaluations for North Carolina's 100 counties are staggered so that not all counties are revaluing during the same year. Some counties elect to revalue property tax more frequently than the 8-year mandate — most commonly every four years.

Since assessment reductions achieved through a successful property tax appeal are not retroactive, knowing when your property is subject to revaluation is critical. While you can appeal in non-revaluation years, your opportunity to maximize potential savings from an appeal depends upon getting it filed during a revaluation year.

The following 11 North Carolina counties are scheduled to revalue effective January 1, 2020:

  • Bertie
  • Cabarrus
  • Carteret
  • Cherokee
  • Dare
  • Halifax
  • Madison
  • Montgomery
  • Pamlico
  • Pitt
  • Wake

If you're responsible for property tax assessments of real property in any of these 11 counties, be on the lookout for revaluation notices, which should be mailed to the owner of record. While these notices could go out as early as December 2019, they're generally sent out in February or March of 2020.  Overlooking a revaluation notice is the first of many potential pitfalls that businesses face. Once the notice is sent out, the company has a specific period of time, as stated on the notice, to appeal informally to the tax assessor's office.

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