2017 is a Property Tax Revaluation Year in Davie County

In a recent post, we mentioned that North Carolina counties are required to revalue all real property at least every eight years, although some do it more frequently, generally on a 4 year cycle. We also mentioned the twenty or so counties that are scheduled to revalue in 2017. 2017 looks to be a busy revaluation year in the Triad as several counties in the Triad are scheduled for a revaluation. We previously mentioned details regarding the revaluation in Forsyth, Guilford, Alamance, and Yadkin counties.

Davie County is also revaluing in 2017, having most recently revalued in 2013. So, Davie, like Forsyth, is on a four year cycle. The first step in the process will be the mailing of revaluation notices to each property owner advising them of the proposed value of their property as of 01/01/2017. In speaking with the tax office, they guesstimate that the Davie County valuation notices will go out around the end of January.

If you disagree with the proposed value, you must file an appeal with the Davie County Board of Equalization and Review [BER] prior to a stated deadline. Davie County has not set its BER appeal deadline as yet, so, to be safe, one should either confirm what the BER appeal deadline is or file the BER appeal no later than March 31, 2017, since by law the deadline cannot be before April 1.

If you own real estate in Davie County, be on the look out for the valuation notice next year, make sure you know the filing deadline, and always file your appeal early, if you want to contest the valuation proposed by the county. If we can be of assistance with questions, please call.

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