Open for Business: the Newly Created North Carolina Business Court at Wake Forest

North Carolina is one of a few states with its own dedicated Business Court, where cases regarding commercial and corporate law can be heard before a judge specializing in business matters. We covered the opening of a new Business Court at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem in an article for the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.

"At some point, most businesses will be involved in a dispute.  Knowing that the Business Court exists and how it operates should: (1) allow business owners and their counsel to better assess the risks associated with potential litigation and (2) provide some comfort that, if a lawsuit became necessary, it will be resolved in an efficient and consistent manner."

The advantages of the Business Court include having one dedicated and knowledgeable judge; speed and efficiency; technology; specialization of judges; and consistency and predictability. 

The majority of Business Court hearings are open to the public. You can learn more about the Business Court and its new home at Wake Forest in our article online.