Bell Davis & Pitt Supports Bladen County Animal Shelter

Bell, Davis, and Pitt attorneys and staff coordinated a drive to support Bladen County Animal Shelter.  They collected 16 packs of dog treats, 40 dog toys, a case of canned dog food, 100 pounds of cat litter, 30 blankets, and 200 pounds of dry dog and cat food.  These donations went to help 80 adoptable dogs and cats in Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

Bladen County Animal Shelter is also supported by A Shelter Friend, a volunteer organization that places pets with permanent families, holds adoption drives, and spearheads spay/neuter efforts. The organizations maintain lists of adoptable pets on Facebook and PetFinder.  In an effort to help their pets find homes for the holidays, Bladen County Animal Shelter will be waiving adoption fees for dogs and cats from now through December 30th.